Welcome to My Life

Hello Dear Friend!

So, you have stumbled onto my website. And you are probably thinking, "What is this?" Well, this is my personal domain where I post all kinds of things. On these pages, you might find the following:

1. Wedding Blog - the planning, the days before, the BIG event, the "honeymoon" days after and maybe even some updates on how the marriage is going

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett

2. Recipes - some are adapted from existing recipes, while some are my own creation

One of my most popular dishes on Pinterest: Cheesesteak Pasta

3. Refashion Projects - following in the footsteps of awesome Refashionista Jillian, I have created some of my own refashioned clothing by raiding my closet for those items I no longer like.

These used to be the arms of a sweater.

4. Pet Care Projects - my love for animals has driven me to create different items (food, toys, etc.) to make their time with me that much happier.

My version of a "Bottle Buddy"

5. Stephie G. Gives - because giving to charity is extremely easy.

One of my obligatory post-workout selfies

6. Vacation Photos - enjoy vacations through my camera lens with these photo slideshows

One of our many travelers' photos

7. My Family - and last, but always first in my heart, I'll be sharing some info about my family, because they are the ones who have helped mold me into the awesomeness that exists today.

There's lots of awesome in this pic.

So, get comfortable, and start clicking around. Hope you can prepare yourself for the crazy that is the Stephie G.